Top Things That You Must Do in Bangkok

Bangkok, a city that never goes to sleep and also one of the well-known capitals of Thailand from fine eating to shopping, and the impressions of the wealthy culture around each corner of there will make you surprise.

Bangkok definitely an interesting city for you to visit if you never been to Thailand. A city that full of eight million tenants, you’ll discover yourself experiencing each walk of life, from the super destitute to the mega-rich, all gather within one city.

If you are reading this, then congratulation to you because you are halfway there, but if you feel totally strange to Bangkok, no need be panic because here is the list that you can refer to do in your Bangkok’s trip.

  1. Explore the Authentic Thai Cuisine

If you are a food lover, then take caution on this because Bangkok is a perfect place for foodies. Ensure that you bookmark the special Bangkok restaurant in your to-do list, checking the review from the recommendation of people on the internet and plan transport to these mark-up spots as well before you really set your feet in Bangkok.

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Instead of a restaurant, take a street food tour around Bangkok also one of the must things to do. If you favour in Thailand street food, then you can try planning a tuk-tuk food adventure around the city. There are many vendors are selling the Thai food along the street of Bangkok, you can stop by one by one to try every stall.

  • Shopping at Night Market

Bangkok also well recognized as a shopping paradise. So if you are a shopaholic then the night market in Bangkok surely cannot be missed. Chatuchak market will be recommended to you if you love exploring different kinds of stuff and bargain shopping, then this market definitely is your paradise.

This market is full of over 5000 numbers of the stall, you can shop till you die. Take caution on this, the open time for this night is only on every Saturday and Sunday, so to make sure not to miss this, you also advised to look for the Bangkok hotel that nearby this market. Visit our website for more info!

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  • Experience Bangkok Gay Culture

Thailand is a country that very highly tolerant of multi-sexual. The transsexual, gays, lesbians are a common phenomenon in this country. Thailand also recognized as the first gay tourist destination and this included Bangkok as well.

 A lot of gay festival events also held in Thailand’s major tourism destination such as Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya and etc. In Bangkok, there are few gay nightlife hubs that will come alive every night.

These hubs usually constituted with the famous local Thai restaurant in Bangkok, bars, pubs, and also a gay-friendly hotel.  So if you interest in these cultures then you also should pay a visit to these hubs in the night.

  • Go to Bangkok Adult Playground

Nana Plaza, a place must for any tourists to go to Bangkok. Nana plaza is a hot spot in Bangkok that well-known of the go-go bars in the area. The location of this plaza is just placed nearby a BTS Skytrain station, Nana station.

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In this place, you will notice that a lot of Thai girls on the street will stare at you, and the almost naked bodies of these girls you can see through the sexy transparent cloth that put on these girls are trying to please you in the return of fees.

So if you are interested in this, then advise be given here is try to book hotels near BTS Skytrain which will easier you to get there without stuck in the terrible traffic jam always happen around Bangkok. Try to choose the boutique hotel that only needs a few walk distance to the BTS Skytrain station. Make reservation now!

Tips To Enjoy The Best Happy Hour In Kuala Lumpur

Happy hour, it means that you can enjoy the special discounts on prices, which means cheap wine, beer, meals or a complete special menu at certain hours.

Co-workers can unwind after a gruelling day, or you can reconnect with your friends with Happy hour KL. here are the tips for you to enjoy a happy hour in Kuala Lumpur. Don’t forget to grab a special promo for the best happy hour here.

1. Playing Games In An Appropriate Way

Are you a huge fan of formal or casual game nights? Please organize the “group think” games during you and your friends are enjoying the Best Buy Malaysia happy hour at the same time. This kind of bonding moment can improve the relationship when the entire group does an activity together after you have a small sip of alcohol drink.

You can plan to have some games by adding music. But how you make it more refreshing? There are a lot of family-friendly games such as Flip cup, Revolving Ping-Pong, and Card game. Yes, you can have a multi-sport competition which is fun and excellent!

What if you can find your voice and be a Karaoke singer with your friends? Spend a little time prepping, and you will never panic to sing in front of your friends or family during a happy hour!

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2. Have Some Light Food

You have to know that going drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea. Plus, the more alcohol you drink, the hungrier you get. Remember to prepare some light food before you start drinking the cheap beer in Kuala Lumpur. Click here to view more!

If you feel bored when drinking, it is time to have peanuts, cheese fries, fried onion, fruits, and fried chicken are the best match with the alcoholic drink. Generally, some foods can help you stay on your feet longer and prevent that hangover from attacking the day after.

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3. Choose A Restaurant That Has Great Ambience

A restaurant and bar is always the best place to enjoy the Happy hour promotion. From freshness ingredients to fast food and cocktail, you may have a new experience while enjoying the delicious dining with drinks together!

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An Italian restaurant in KL can deliver a superb service, and you should try their customize and unique cocktails.

Some restaurants serve you with outdoor seating, sidewalk seating and sky view place to enjoy your food. What could be better if you can enjoy this awesome vibe? Such a beautiful day!

It will better for you if you celebrate any special occasion in an Italian restaurant near KLCC to enjoy the spectacular views of Kuala Lumpur. Chill out with your friends or with your loved one while enjoying the panoramic view at a sky restaurant and bar!

4. Choose A Café To Enjoy The Drinks

You can choose a nice cafe in kl when you are not drinking. If you are expecting more affordable prices and love discounted food and coffee, then you should go to M Marini Grand Caffe.

The best cafe in kl could provide you with value-priced food during a happy hour. Besides that, mostly each cafe will offer an excellent service which is building a special signature drink.

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Some Instagrammable cafes in Malaysia will offer you the early happy hour during the weekend. You can focus on tasty food to pair with a unique drink to enjoy your great time during the early happy hour as well. What could be better if you can enjoy a great promotion in the early morning? It will make you feel satisfied all day to have this Best happy hour Kuala Lumpur.

Romantic Steakhouse Dinner Places in Kuala Lumpur

There are few places in Kuala Lumpur; couples are able to spend a great night with loved ones. However, each place offers different decoration and different course hence it really depends on what the couples are looking for. 

Most of the place offers a romantic dinner for couples which provide nice decoration of both food and the environment. The place gives a nice and soothing feeling which makes a person feel pleasant when dining in the restaurant. 

These restaurants usually offer great deals to couples during the valentines and anniversary period. Therefore, do check out the deals offered by these restaurants to enjoy a wonderful time the loved ones. 

A Memorable Time for Couples to Enjoy

One way to boost the romantic feel is to search for the best place candlelight dinner in Kuala Lumpur. It is recommended to search for a restaurant on the rooftop to view the beautiful city especially when the city lights up. In the restaurant, one is able to feel a nice and cozy environment that gives a pleasant feeling. 

steakhouse kuala lumpur

Why Is Wagyu Beef So Expensive?

Wagyu beef price tag is really expensive but there is a reason for it. When the cattle are born, it is taken under a lot of care such as feeding nutritious food. During cold weather, the cows wear a jacket to keep the cows warm when going for an exercise. Cows are being trained to exercise because it is able to have good blood circulation. Moreover, the cows get a massage by a stiff brush to increase the circulation of the blood.

It is recommended for people to try out wagyu beef once in a lifetime because the meat is certainly amazing. Therefore, the customer is able to find one of the best wagyu beef in Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the beef melting and marbling in the mouth. 

Taste High-Quality Meat at Malaysia’s Steakhouse

Get a taste of the best quality steak in town. There is a place people shall try at the steak house in Kuala Lumpur. Other than tasting quality meat, one is able to enjoy the amazing feel of the environment. Once entered in the steakhouse, the first thing you will notice is the smoke smell of the barbeque beef. 

The setting of the restaurant is nice and cosy that gives a relaxing feel to it, perfect for a lovely dinner for every couple. However, it is recommended to order a bottle of red wine to go with the meat. Red wine is a good combination of medium-rare meat. However, end with the delightful cakes after the red meat.

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Taste the Best Western Food in Malaysia

When it comes to ordering western food, many people go for the burger, meat and New York pizza. However, get some of the American beer that is served at the restaurant. Head down to Marble 8, the best western restaurant in Malaysia.

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Some restaurant offers breakfast set that has a great deal. Many customers recommend to try out the pancakes either fried chicken sides or maple syrup side. For the main course for lunch or dinner set it is a must to try the burger, pizza, clam chowder, and shrimp fried rice. 

Bring out friends and family to try out the best western restaurants now. One is able to enjoy a wonderful experience when dining in the place. Make reservation now!

Reasons That You Need A Pizza Delivery Singapore

Struggling about whether you want to eat out or order in? Due to your busy and hectic schedules in your working life, it is becoming challenging to cook and eat your favourite food.

If you are a pizza lover, you may hope to get someone to bring it right to your doorstep, right?

Have you imagined to have the best pizza without suffering from the feeling of tired to cook? There are several reasons that you need a pizza delivery in Singapore.

1. Plan A Pizza Delivery For A Large Group Of People

If you have been struggling with ordering a large amount of food for a party, event, gathering or meeting, it can be stressful trying to decide the best way to cook or prepare the hot food to your guests.

There is a pizza home delivery that helps you to solve this problem. You can order in the morning to have different flavours of pizza as your dinner with a large group of people together.

Plus, you may concern about whether the food you have ordered online is still looking nice and delicious when reaching your house. The reason why people need to order pizza from the top pizza chain establishment near me is that every topping is stick with the bread, so it is fine when it arrived at your place after experienced a busy highway.

Plus, a deep-pan pizza with lots of cheese will stay warm for a long time.  Besides that, some pizza restaurants provide the takeaway pizza near me for takeout. You may find out why takeaway service is a much more affordable option when the pizza restaurant won’t charge you for delivery fees.

2. Saving Time With Online Pizza Delivery

Fast, you don’t have to starve anymore!

Online food delivery definitely can save your time and money because you didn’t have to cook yourself.

Make your life easier because you can get an online order pizza just a few clicks and wait for your pizza to deliver to your house. There is a variety of choice for you to choose online, and it comes with the benefit of saving your time and money. The best thing is how fast it gets to your door, too. The time from ordering through online and arrives at your door probably is faster than the time of preparing a pizza. Can you imagine anything better?

Having the convenience of food order online because it allows you to avoid crowds and long lines. Of course, you don’t want to get stuck in the traffic. Therefore, you can instead to choose to order pizza with just a few clicks.

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3. Saving Money

Yes, pizza delivery or Singapore can let your wallet and your belly happy at the same time. You can use the e-coupon or discount code while ordering pizza online. Remember to apply the e-coupon or discount code during checkout and get your favourite pizza without stepping out of your house.

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Additionally, you may enjoy the cashback benefit when you are ordering the best pizza online. For instance, you can get your favourite pepperoni pizza at a very lower price at your doorstep without spending much time.

You could get a more significant discount if you are using a mobile app to have your pizza when you are searching for delivery food near me. With the online food delivery apps, ordering fast food in Singapore has been more comfortable than before except enjoying the special discount.

Not a Classic Wedding Ceremony Again

There are many couples of celebrations throughout the year. Every year almost 365 days there is at least one couple got marry, build up a strong family base, and wish to be happily ever after. The story of happily ever after in reality circulates since the ancestor era, a very long generation ago.

Chinese tradition passed down from China, the myth, taboo and the Feng Shui influence the current Chinese generation very much. Almost every Chinese child are taught with Chinese culture, listen to the stories told from the east. The myth and taboo, to sum up as culture made the tradition is interesting.

How is the Chinese Wedding Going on?

Wedding is part of the tradition which is very important. The tradition brings meaningful values to people which is majorly telling people to respect the elders and improve relationship or bonding. How about a wedding in Chinese tradition? You may check out the Chinese wedding shop Malaysia to get know about Chinese traditional wedding.

Chinese wedding has a few traditions to follow, there are few sections such as dress code, table manners, ceremony and so on. Don’t forget, colour is also one of the traditions too.

First and foremost, the wedding dress is the most essential thing. The Chinese wedding dress is traditional clothing that famous the whole world. Chinese wedding dress is red and there are gold sewing materials that are decorated on the dress. The dress fits your body shape and shows your slimness.

Modern vs Traditional

Various bridal shops in KL offer classic and fashion dresses, eastern and western dresses as well as the combination of both styles too! Dresses are important in a wedding as it shows the generosity and decent to guests.

Most of the bridal shops offer Qun Kua or Qun Kwa rental. Qun Kua (in pinyin) is the elegant traditional Chinese wedding dress. These dresses are beautiful, and these dresses are expensive too! These dresses mostly are hand sewing thus, the dresses are different for each.

After introducing the Chinese wedding Kua, the other tradition of a Chinese wedding is the ceremony. The ceremony includes the couples must show respect to the elders by pouring tea to the elders. Both the Chinese brides and grooms’ families will follow this ceremony to acknowledges this wedding.

Before the groom marries his wife, the groom must have a ceremony of giving compensation to the bride’s parent in exchange for a bride. Guo Da Li in Malaysia is so common, and this tradition is still maintained and followed until now. Tradition is precious because culture shaped generation by generation although it changes by time.    

It is a Ceremony After All

If you are getting ready to enter a happily ever afterlife, try your luck in Kuala Lumpur. There are many bridal shops you may look forward to. The bridal shop in Kuala Lumpur is very well-known among Malaysia. You may compare the prices and bridal dress among the bridal shop in KL. You will realize that the choices are wide until your decision is hard.

Other than the bridal dress, bridal accessories add on the qualities of brides and grooms. There is a Chinese wedding accessories shop in Kuala Lumpur offers you the needs. Wedding is not only a matter of getting dress up like a beauty but to become the queen of the day during your wedding ceremony.