Tips To Enjoy The Best Happy Hour In Kuala Lumpur

Happy hour, it means that you can enjoy the special discounts on prices, which means cheap wine, beer, meals or a complete special menu at certain hours.

Co-workers can unwind after a gruelling day, or you can reconnect with your friends with Happy hour KL. here are the tips for you to enjoy a happy hour in Kuala Lumpur. Don’t forget to grab a special promo for the best happy hour here.

1. Playing Games In An Appropriate Way

Are you a huge fan of formal or casual game nights? Please organize the “group think” games during you and your friends are enjoying the Best Buy Malaysia happy hour at the same time. This kind of bonding moment can improve the relationship when the entire group does an activity together after you have a small sip of alcohol drink.

You can plan to have some games by adding music. But how you make it more refreshing? There are a lot of family-friendly games such as Flip cup, Revolving Ping-Pong, and Card game. Yes, you can have a multi-sport competition which is fun and excellent!

What if you can find your voice and be a Karaoke singer with your friends? Spend a little time prepping, and you will never panic to sing in front of your friends or family during a happy hour!

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2. Have Some Light Food

You have to know that going drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea. Plus, the more alcohol you drink, the hungrier you get. Remember to prepare some light food before you start drinking the cheap beer in Kuala Lumpur. Click here to view more!

If you feel bored when drinking, it is time to have peanuts, cheese fries, fried onion, fruits, and fried chicken are the best match with the alcoholic drink. Generally, some foods can help you stay on your feet longer and prevent that hangover from attacking the day after.

italian restaurant near klcc

3. Choose A Restaurant That Has Great Ambience

A restaurant and bar is always the best place to enjoy the Happy hour promotion. From freshness ingredients to fast food and cocktail, you may have a new experience while enjoying the delicious dining with drinks together!

happy hour in kuala lumpur

An Italian restaurant in KL can deliver a superb service, and you should try their customize and unique cocktails.

Some restaurants serve you with outdoor seating, sidewalk seating and sky view place to enjoy your food. What could be better if you can enjoy this awesome vibe? Such a beautiful day!

It will better for you if you celebrate any special occasion in an Italian restaurant near KLCC to enjoy the spectacular views of Kuala Lumpur. Chill out with your friends or with your loved one while enjoying the panoramic view at a sky restaurant and bar!

4. Choose A Café To Enjoy The Drinks

You can choose a nice cafe in kl when you are not drinking. If you are expecting more affordable prices and love discounted food and coffee, then you should go to M Marini Grand Caffe.

The best cafe in kl could provide you with value-priced food during a happy hour. Besides that, mostly each cafe will offer an excellent service which is building a special signature drink.

cheap beer kuala lumpur

Some Instagrammable cafes in Malaysia will offer you the early happy hour during the weekend. You can focus on tasty food to pair with a unique drink to enjoy your great time during the early happy hour as well. What could be better if you can enjoy a great promotion in the early morning? It will make you feel satisfied all day to have this Best happy hour Kuala Lumpur.

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