Enjoying Your Shopping Experience & Best Hotel in Chiang Mai

The Thailand culture is very gentle making the region to be referred to as the ‘land of smiles.’ People in Thai have several social graces and we have behaviours that are considered to be offensive. These graces are not obvious to other cultures.

Therefore, you have to be extremely careful to practice them whether the temple, Holiday Inn Chiang Mai hotel or other places.  Knowing these practices will make sure that you don’t offend the locals when travelling in the region.

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·         Visiting the Temple

Top on the list of the things you should know is the etiquette of visiting Thai temples. Chai Mai has more than 300 temples that are referred to as ‘Wats’ and they are must-visit stunning structures. Thus, it will not take you long to get to one of them from your place of accommodation in Chiang Mai.

It is crucial to dress properly and treat these places with respect because they are worship centers. Both men and women should not wear clothes that reveal their knees and shoulders. It is so disrespectful to tour these sites in revealing clothes.

Most of the temples have signs which tell you what is expected and you should keep your voice down when in the temple. The environment is the opposite of what you get when in a hotel near night market bazaar.

·         Don’t be Ugly

As a tourist in Thailand, you should never be ugly. Alcohol is readily available in the region but the locals don’t take it outside bars and restaurants. Locals will consider any tourist who wanders around the streets or market with a beer in the hands as rude. It is good to limit your drinks to the hotels to stay in Chiang Mai.

It is also an indication of disrespect to be intoxicated and loud. If you feel the relaxed atmosphere of Chiang Mai, you may think that it is normal to take alcohol in pubic places. It is right to have a good time but you will turn out as an obnoxious tourist when you drink in the public. Therefore, you should know the things to limit within your hotel Chiang Mai.

The Thai culture does not allow men to go in public places without a shirt. Therefore, if you go out without a shirt, you will draw a lot of attention from the locals and it will offend them. Besides, don’t wear the Thai tank beer tank top souvenir at the markets. You need to save these beer T-shirts until you get back to your place of accommodation in Chiang Mai.

·         Keep You Cool and Don’t Display Your Anger

It is normal for foreigners to receive different treatment in Chiang Mai. This is evident, especially when visiting national parks, temples, and even other places. Foreigners will always pay higher than the locals and that is how things are. In some cases, these places only display the Thai price and it comes as a surprise to be told to pay more than that person who is standing next to you. The same case can also apply to some hotels to stay in Chiang Mai.

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It is a difficult concept to accept but you need to know that Thai wages are low and they consider tourists to be rich. Therefore, just be cool and pay the extra case. If your budget does not allow, just visit a few places for honeymoon that you consider to be a priority.

You can also get a cheaper hotel near night market bazaar to help you cut on the cost. If you try to argue, you will be met with an awkward silence and a blank stare because the locals will be embarrassed for you. Thai people don’t argue because they believe it is to lose face. Locals will not make eye contact when standing next to you and they may even ignore you.