Month: February 2021

Fertility Treatment for Men

Many people might think that women are the primary target for the infertility issue. However, a scientist has found out that men are also the cause for women to be infertility. Male fertility test will be conducted to check out the fertility problem.

It may occur when the make sperm count is below the radar hence the men will have to go through a sperm test. Sperm must have a high number so that it is able to swim to the uterus. Many sperm because those are many cases where some sperms are disabled. Men will need to pay sperm cost to conduct the experiment.

infertility treatment

Tips for People Facing Infertility

Do not get to stress out if you are facing infertility, there are ways to make it possible to get pregnant. A person is able to look for a fertility clinic KL to get treatment so that the doctor is able to run some test to make a person pregnant. 

A fertility treatment helps a person to increase the chance of having a baby. The doctor will run the test on the couple to see the problem. It is very common for a woman to be infertile but men may also be the cause that the women are unable to get pregnant. Therefore, the doctor will find a solution to conceive a baby.

There are many fertility centre Malaysia that are professional in conducting the job. Do consult the doctor to see what is the problem the couples is facing and seek for a solution. However, the couples may need to corporate with the doctor’s instruction so that is possible for the couple to have a baby.

If you prefer to have a professional person to conduct the treatment, a person is able to look for an infertility treatment specialist at KL Fertility Clinic. A specialist is someone who has high experience and expert in conducting the job. Therefore, a person will need to pay a higher price when accepting a specialist to do the job.

The Procedure Conducted In the Fertility Clinic

The doctors will introduce an IVF treatment to the couples, the treatment is forming the egg and the sperm in the lab. The doctor will constantly check on the formation of the egg and the sperm. Once the formation turns into an embryo, the embryo will be placed in the woman’s uterus. However, an IVF cost will be charged for the resources used in the lab.

IUI treatment is placing the sperm into the women uterus hence the formation will automatically be function when the sperm enters the uterus. Therefore, an IUI cost may be lesser compared to IVF because IVF needs many resources.


Fertility Practice by the Doctors

An polycystic ovarian syndrome is when a woman faces a uterus disorder. This may be the cause when a woman is over the reproductive age or health issues. If a woman faces a PCOS issue the treatment will be most likely an IVF.

Endometriosis is when a woman feels pain as a tissue lines inside the uterus. If a person feels pain the body near the uterus area, it is recommended to see the PCOS specialist

An egg freezing is when a doctor keeps the egg until the woman decides to use it. Therefore, the doctor will require storage to keep the egg cool hence the maintenance of the egg will require an egg freezing cost.