Not a Classic Wedding Ceremony Again

There are many couples of celebrations throughout the year. Every year almost 365 days there is at least one couple got marry, build up a strong family base, and wish to be happily ever after. The story of happily ever after in reality circulates since the ancestor era, a very long generation ago.

Chinese tradition passed down from China, the myth, taboo and the Feng Shui influence the current Chinese generation very much. Almost every Chinese child are taught with Chinese culture, listen to the stories told from the east. The myth and taboo, to sum up as culture made the tradition is interesting.

How is the Chinese Wedding Going on?

Wedding is part of the tradition which is very important. The tradition brings meaningful values to people which is majorly telling people to respect the elders and improve relationship or bonding. How about a wedding in Chinese tradition? You may check out the Chinese wedding shop Malaysia to get know about Chinese traditional wedding.

Chinese wedding has a few traditions to follow, there are few sections such as dress code, table manners, ceremony and so on. Don’t forget, colour is also one of the traditions too.

First and foremost, the wedding dress is the most essential thing. The Chinese wedding dress is traditional clothing that famous the whole world. Chinese wedding dress is red and there are gold sewing materials that are decorated on the dress. The dress fits your body shape and shows your slimness.

Modern vs Traditional

Various bridal shops in KL offer classic and fashion dresses, eastern and western dresses as well as the combination of both styles too! Dresses are important in a wedding as it shows the generosity and decent to guests.

Most of the bridal shops offer Qun Kua or Qun Kwa rental. Qun Kua (in pinyin) is the elegant traditional Chinese wedding dress. These dresses are beautiful, and these dresses are expensive too! These dresses mostly are hand sewing thus, the dresses are different for each.

After introducing the Chinese wedding Kua, the other tradition of a Chinese wedding is the ceremony. The ceremony includes the couples must show respect to the elders by pouring tea to the elders. Both the Chinese brides and grooms’ families will follow this ceremony to acknowledges this wedding.

Before the groom marries his wife, the groom must have a ceremony of giving compensation to the bride’s parent in exchange for a bride. Guo Da Li in Malaysia is so common, and this tradition is still maintained and followed until now. Tradition is precious because culture shaped generation by generation although it changes by time.    

It is a Ceremony After All

If you are getting ready to enter a happily ever afterlife, try your luck in Kuala Lumpur. There are many bridal shops you may look forward to. The bridal shop in Kuala Lumpur is very well-known among Malaysia. You may compare the prices and bridal dress among the bridal shop in KL. You will realize that the choices are wide until your decision is hard.

Other than the bridal dress, bridal accessories add on the qualities of brides and grooms. There is a Chinese wedding accessories shop in Kuala Lumpur offers you the needs. Wedding is not only a matter of getting dress up like a beauty but to become the queen of the day during your wedding ceremony.